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Title Category Subcategory Records
UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors 2002-2019 Census, Land & Surveys Electoral Rolls 4,715,927
United Kingdom Deaths Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 260,438
War Memorials Register Armed Forces & Conflict First World War 86,711
Wiltshire Removal Orders 1670-1890 Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 33
Wiltshire Wills and Probate Index 1530-1881 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 3
Withington Workhouse Cemetery Records Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 19,165
Withington Workhouse Death Register Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 66,984
Women's Suffrage Petition 1866 Institutions & Organisations Social History 291
Wrightington Baptisms Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 1,914
Wrightington Confirmations 1813-1876 Churches & Religion Religious Ceremonies 891
Wrightington Deaths Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 687
Wrightington First Communicants 1851-1889 Churches & Religion Religious Ceremonies 531
York Medieval Probate Index, 1267-1500 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 6
York Peculiars Probate Index, 1383-1883 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 2
Yorkshire, Archbishop Of York Marriage Licences Index, 1613-1839 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 2,549