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Title Category Subcategory Records
Index To Death Duty Registers 1796-1903 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 166,479
Hertfordshire Probate Records, Index, 1415-1858 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 1
Gloucestershire Wills & Administrations, 1801-1858 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 5
Furness Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 87,926
Findmypast Photo Collection Newspapers, Directories & Social History Newspapers & Magazines 275
England, Pollbooks and Directories 1830-1837 Newspapers, Directories & Social History Directories & Almanacs 49
England, Greater Manchester Burials 1570-1990 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 499,216
England, Greater Manchester Baptisms 1571-1910 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 811,410
England, Cheshire School Records, 1782-1950 Education & Work Schools & Education 1,988
England, Boyd's Marriage Indexes, 1538-1850 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 553,992
England Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse Life Events (BMDs) Parish Registers 366
England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 160,800
England Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records Churches & Religion, Life Events (BMDs) Religious Ceremonies 201,272
England Roman Catholic Parish Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 83,985
England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 538,921
England Marriages 1538-1973 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 4,358,604
England Deaths & Burials 1538-1991 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 2,326,707
England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 9,000,043
England Billion Graves Cemetery Index Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 137,132
England & Wales, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Marriages 1578-1841 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 10,440